Some of our Work

Here is a brief sampling of some of the work we've done.

This website was made to help highlight the client's the fine art painting in separate space from their interior design work. While the site is also photo gallery based, but the images are categorized differently and needed be shown in the context of collections.

This website was made for a professional voiceover artist. She needed a simple site where she could highlight her body of work, present her demo tracks in an audio player and provide her points of contact.

We provided front-end development services to fill the gap in skills between and designer and back-end developer. The designer provided the graphics which we helped translate into code that ran in the browser. This was then integrated into the WordPress content management software that the client could then edit as needed. This website was created for a clinic that provides various types of body contouring surgery.

This website was made for a for a professional interior designer. She needed a way to present her client work. This required extensive use of galleries to show the types of work that she had done in several types of rooms.

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