Our Process

When you work with Push Button ideas it helps to know what to expect. Here is a quick rundown...


Website design can be a very complex process that can be costly if the goals and scope are not well defined. In the discovery process we will analyze the current state of the site to figure out what can be kept, what will be changed and what will need to be created. An agreement on the scope of the project will be defined and budget will be set.


During the design process the shape of things will start to emerge. Colors, fonts, shapes and proportions, icon style. It is at this phase that wireframes of layouts will be provided, graphic assets will be created, and the general stylistic palette will be solidified.


During the build stage of the process, the code that will bring the site to life will be written. The full interactivity of the site will start to come online and the way that the content of the site will be maintained will start to be finalized. At the end of this phase, the site will be fully functional.


It is important to understand that once the initial version of a site makes the transition to production, the job is not over. It takes on another phase of life that requires maintenance, revision and the occasional bit of of rebuilding to suit the the needs of the operator.

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